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 Holiday help?

im going on holiday for a month. will it be ok to just leave my tadpoles in the tank?

also a couple of my tadpoles are lying on their sides :( how do i tell if there’s enough oxygen in the tank? and how do i get more in? i change the water every few days

12/11/10  12:02am


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  Message To: Nitahug   In reference to Message Id: 2192109

 Holiday help?

due you have a airstone and pump to power it?
are you dechlorinating your water as chlorine is harmful to amphibians and fish?

12/11/10  09:57am


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  Message To: Rokdog   In reference to Message Id: 2192146

 Holiday help?

Rokdog is asking the right questions. I always provide my tadpoles with a air stone to help get more oxygen into the tank for them. I also use aquasafe in my water to get the chlorine out and make it safe for them.

02/26/11  11:39pm

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