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 Is my tadpole dying?

All day hes been spending all his time on the top of the water, sometimes he floats a little tilted, then when i poke him he flips out and swims like crazy but seems to swim a little sideways. it also looks like a bubble of air comes out of his mouth sometimes. And he suddenly grew back legs, i have 2 tadpoles. They haven’t developed for months and i am so happy it finally has back legs but pretty sad it seems like its dying.

What should I do? The other one is fat and swims around like normal. Any suggestions?

11/19/10  01:22am


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 Is my tadpole dying?

It’s the same with my Eastern Spadefoot Tadpoles.The larger ones killed off the little ones so quickly.The larger ones would start cannibalism by eating off their tails.Then the little ones did 2 things from there.They either Drowned where the others would eat them, Or they would float to the top and do what yours did, And eventually die.So you tadpole is most likely to die...Sorry.

11/23/10  04:11pm

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