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 Bullfrog or leopard frog froglets??!

Just got legs:

Very recent ones:

so we got these tadpoles about a month or so ago maybe more and they were pretty big. The petstore randomly got them with a shipment of goldfish and they were in it and they just gave the frogs to us for free. They had no clue what kind of frogs they were. There are 2 and one looks like a fullout frog just with a little shriveled tail that i alotttt smaller then the others. Today i put my hand in the tank because hes always at the top with his head kinda out so im thinking he should be taken out of the huggggeeeee tank thats very deep and into a shallow one with rocks so he can come out of water? Thanks guys and are they able to be handled?

10/04/10  08:25pm


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  Message To: Kriisten456   In reference to Message Id: 2179058

 Bullfrog or leopard frog froglets??!

i have bull frog tad poles they are huge and are super cool

10/08/10  02:16pm

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