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StephNaz   TadpolesUniversity  

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 Weird dark spot on the side

We have had out tadpoles since the beginning of August, they are just finally sprouting tiny tiny little hind legs. I have recently cleaned their habitat to add some rocks for them to be able to breath. I have noticed them kind of laying on their sides. Is this normal when they first start getting their legs?

My main question is: one of our tadpoles has a dark hole like spot on his left side. Is this something that is developing or is he hurt? Please help me figure out what to do my son and I alike will be devastated if we loose one of them.

09/29/10  09:48am


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  Message To: StephNaz   In reference to Message Id: 2178160

 Weird dark spot on the side

first question is: yes, it’s normal. second question is: It’s either a birth defect, or it got in a fight with another tadpole.

06/01/13  07:56pm

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