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 African dwarf frog tadpole question

my african dwarf frog layed some eggs, I cleared them from the tank, but one was left behind, it in turn, turned into a tiny tadpole...I removed it from the tank and put it in a jar, with water from the tank....kept it out of direct sunlight and have been replacing the water daily with more tank water...I know they need the nutrients from the water they were born has been about a week..the tadpole has grown from the size of a period . to 5 times the was very active, and now suddenly its sluggish and not moving at all...has my tadpole died? its at the bottom right side up but it hasnt moved for 24 hours, at least while I’m watching...someone please help me out here...I want the little guy to make it :(

07/29/10  07:45pm


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 African dwarf frog tadpole question

That might be a characteristic of a tadpole in still water. Do you feed it? And even though you change the water, an aerator might help to give it something to "fight" against. Just a few ideas to ponder! Good luck! Google it too!
Here’s a pic of my gray tree frog, just for the heck of it! (He was a tadpole once!)

07/29/10  09:53pm

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