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 Bullfrog Tadpole Questions

I rescued a 2 inch bull frog tadpole from a feeder fish tank at a pet store recentally. I just put him in with my tropical fish tank which roughly a 30 gallon tank. I have a few questions about the little guy before I raise him :)

What should i feed him so he doesnt eat my fish? I have some feeder guppies in there for him and i know i can get tadpole food or brine shrimp or something, whats the best?

When will he need his own enclosure, will a 10 gallon work until he gets to big and when will i have to make it semi aquatic where I can put land in it?

Do they need any special lighting or heat?

07/07/10  11:02pm


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  Message To: Mkd93AFL   In reference to Message Id: 2161064

 Bullfrog Tadpole Questions

feed him tadpole food from the pet store. It makes them grow faster too! Otherwise you can feed it cornmeal or boiled lettuce cut really small. Once he gets his front legs he will need land and water.

08/04/10  02:39pm


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  Message To: SaveTheFrogs!   In reference to Message Id: 2167090

 Bullfrog Tadpole Questions

you should keep it in a 3-5 gallon tank

08/31/10  08:00pm

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