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DavidShep   TadpolesUniversity  

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 Question on Tadpole food...

I have been taking water out of a pond I found my Bullfrog tadpole in and just started feeding him Mosquito Larvea... My question is: Would the tiny little things swimming around in the water be the little bugs from the Pond or the Mosquito Larvea becoming more than Larvea? The larvea i bought is from Pet Supplies Plus and I freeze it when I get home then thaw it out before adding it to his/her tank. Could the Larvea still be alive at all?

Here is a picture of the little guy with the larvea all around him/her... He/She loves it!

06/06/10  08:46pm


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  Message To: DavidShep   In reference to Message Id: 2153812

 Question on Tadpole food...

Even if your tadpoles really like the mosquito larvae, don’t feed it to them!!! They could carry a disease that’ll kill your tadpoles. Try feeding them special tadpole pellets, or boil lettuce for 15 minutes then freeze it. Hope this helped!

06/01/13  08:05pm

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