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 Tadpoles saved from hungry fish

I have been hearing frogs around my pond for the past few nights and check the pond daily to see if there are any eggs. Well I found some a few days ago with my fish happily eating them so I got a tank set up and put them in it with the pond water, a small heater, the grass they were attached to and the algae growing on the rocks at the bottom. They hatched and now I have about 300 of them in the tank! lol They are a joy to watch and its amazing how fast they grow. They are American Toads and I believe the father is one I released last year. He is the largest frog around the pond, has the biggest "bark/crock" and I know him by his missing back leg and missing front foot. Not sure what happened to him but I found him as a small frog laying by my back door near death. Kept him for a few months to get him back to health and even with the missing foot and leg he is doing great. I caught him "in the act" the night before the eggs were found so I’m thinking they are his. Anyways pics will be up soon, just thought I might share the good news.

05/07/10  03:35pm


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 Tadpoles saved from hungry fish

Over 300??? Wow! I have about 40 and they might be American Toads.

06/01/13  08:12pm

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