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 Green & Golden Bell Frog Tadpoles

Hi Everyone,

Would love any info you could give me on the best way to rear 22 Green & Golden Bell Tadpoles.
Eg.Tank set up,Feeding(how many times a day),Water(Temp) and anyting else you may think i would need to know.

Thanks for your time.

01/21/10  02:10am


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 Green & Golden Bell Frog Tadpoles

usually for bullz- room temperature does well. i live in Canada, and it gets cold at night in the house. Stanley seems fine (my Bullfrog tadpole) he even got one of his front legs to add to his awesome back legs. well anyway room temperature water does well. Make sure the wate rhas NO salts and minerals like that which means NO WATER SOFTENER!! :P we melt snow in the winter and in the spring/fall/summer we plan on using Creek water. its really basic and simple. OR use distilled water :)

Tank set up is pretty basic for the starters, some fish pebbles, some stones and maybe something for them to hide in or under. they LOVE hiding. just make sure it wont collapse because they flip out sometimes while swimming around.

i feed my Tadpole some frog pellets. i give him a shake of that once a day, seems to be fine. Remember, tadpoles eat algea as well. some lettuce bits of dogfood does well as well (but i wouldnt use it personally)

Clean regularly say about once a week- or every other week. they poop ALOT and make quite a mess when their skin peels. (unless water filter is used- then youre fine :))

03/01/10  08:45pm


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  Message To: BULLfrogz   In reference to Message Id: 2128599

 Green & Golden Bell Frog Tadpoles


Remember, tadpoles eat algea as well.

You can buy algae pellets/wafers at your local pet store in the fish section. I use Hikari brand Tropical Algae Wafers and my tadpoles eat em up.

03/02/10  01:59am

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