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 Oh dear urgent help PLEASE

oh dear urgent help PLEASE

PLEASE help.

i have a bullfrog tadpole, (i think) and he takes for EVER to grow!! but he stands on his tail and gently places his nose just below the surface, i have noticed he has a slight crook at the dock of his reciting tail. he is about almost 2 inches in length and LOVES eating. i will pour in kibbles of frog food and he’ll eat it in a matter of minutes- most of the time LOL :P i noticed he has developed nostrils and only has one gill. his legs are small little sticks outside of his body which remind me of ski poles LOL :)

1) why does he stand on his tail??
) why does he have a crooked tail
) why is it taking him so long to grow
) and any other info is NEEDED

thank you so much everyone :)

12/17/09  05:57pm


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  Message To: BULLfrogz   In reference to Message Id: 2105946

 Oh dear urgent help PLEASE

Please anyone this is really urgent!! PLEASE

12/18/09  09:57am


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  Message To: BULLfrogz   In reference to Message Id: 2106089

 Oh dear urgent help PLEASE

Bullfrog tadpoles can take up to 2 years to develop, but since it has some little legs already it’ll probably just be a couple more weeks/months.

Sorry it took so long to respond, I really don’t come here that often anymore, apparently neither do a lot of people :/

12/31/09  10:48pm


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  Message To: Clawedfrogsrule   In reference to Message Id: 2109710

 Oh dear urgent help PLEASE

Thats ok and thank you very much!! i was way wrong about his length- i am not well with measuring in inches my mom said he was about 5 inches, LOL me.... way off. but thats ok and the answer is greatly appreciated thanks alot :)

01/09/10  06:44pm


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  Message To: BULLfrogz   In reference to Message Id: 2112213

 Oh dear urgent help PLEASE

rocky stood on its tail before it got its legs
and i am sure your tadpoles tale wille be fine

06/14/10  08:21am


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  Message To: Rileyup   In reference to Message Id: 2155598

 Oh dear urgent help PLEASE

um im not really sure about the bull frog taking 2 years to grow i just caught one last year out of a ditch that grew to full size in a matter of months, im currently housing yet another bullfrog tadpole he too only has legs and has been with us for a month now, i feed him fish flakes and algae tabs and he swims around cleaning up after my fish. Many of my tadpoles have "stood" on their tails its just a way of holding themselves up when they need to, since they lose their tails its nothing to worry about, good luck and wish you and your lil froggy the best

06/18/10  03:12am

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