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I have 5 small little tadpoles which I rescued from the outdoors a long time ago, they were in a pond which was evaporating and they had less than a cm high of water to swim in. I was going to place them somewhere else but there was honestly no ponds in the area at all, I decided to keep them instead. I’ve been feeding them lettuce and it’s been about 3 weeks I’ve had them. Some of them started to grow their hind legs a little, what do I do?


08/07/09  08:30am


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When my first tadpole grew his back legs, his behavior and care didn’t really seem to change. I fed him the same, and he continued to grow.

Granted, I’m far from an expert, but tadpole care seem to suffice for tadpoles with back legs!
Now that he has /front/ legs, though, I’m really starting to wonder.

08/07/09  01:58pm


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  Message To: Ltdead   In reference to Message Id: 2052698


put a rock in there so your tadpoles can go on land

06/01/13  09:32pm

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