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 Getting new bullfrog tads

I am getting a couple of bullfrog tads and i need help with them i have NEVER dealed with a frog or tadpole before so plz give me some advice!!!

06/24/09  10:52am


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  Message To: HerpsRox   In reference to Message Id: 2028010

 Getting new bullfrog tads

room temperature water!! use basic water (rain water, creek water (watch the source of the creek though for oil and car liquids) or melted snow) Use simple stones for the bottom, and until he gets his front legs- that will do the trick.

Also purchase some frog pellets at a close pet store- give him a few shakes in the morning and he’ll be one fast grower.

03/01/10  08:50pm


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  Message To: BULLfrogz   In reference to Message Id: 2128603

 Getting new bullfrog tads

Have you researched this particular species of frog? I was amazed to learn that a bullfrog tadpole can take up to 3 years to reach adulthood. lol, having one as a pet would certainly be an enteresting experiance.

03/02/10  01:49am

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