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 Where are my tadpoles going???

I’m new, so hi! My tadpoles seem to be depleting, and I’m wondering why. I’m going to put all the information I can think of, so hopefully someone can help.

We have a 400 or so galon man made pond in our backyard with a pump & filter in it. We also have a colony of toads living under our porch, and once the pond was established, they started laying eggs in it. There have been 3 batches of eggs...

The first batch died because we added water to the pond, not knowing that the chlorine was so toxic for them.

Then, after the second batch hatched, I got some dechlorinating solution from the pond supply place which they assured me would work immediately. The tadpoles still died when we added water.

Then after another massive toad orgy, at least several hundred new tadpoles hatched. We haven’t added anything to the water or done anything differently, but the tadpoles are dwindling daily. Instead of hundreds I only see a few at a time. I have no idea what’s going on? So more info...maybe someone can figure this out...

The water is pretty green. It’s well aerated (pump and all), but they are out of UV clarifiers @ the pond supply, and I don’t want to use chemicals with the tads in there. Don’t tadpoles do fine in green ponds in nature?

There is still some residue in the pond from a mosquito dunk several weeks back. This killed the mosquitos, but was not what killed the tadpoles previously, so I doubt what’s left of the dunk is the culprit. The pond people also swore it wouldn’t hurt anything but mosquitos.

It’s been raining a lot lately...that shouldn’t be a problem right? You know, it rains in nature.

We haven’t been feeding them. There are occasional dead bugs and leaves and stuff in the water that they seem to be munching on, but maybe that’s not enough? If not, what do toad tadpoles like to eat?

I can’t think of anything else right now...

I’ve also noticed that once the eggs are in there, the toads stop mating and avoid the pond. Once the tadpoles all die (which hopefully won’t happen this time) they wait a few days and then come back to lay new eggs. So, as long as some of these are surviving I don’t think we’ll be getting a new batch...I need help!!

08/22/08  01:50pm


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  Message To: Saradiah   In reference to Message Id: 1839454

 Where are my tadpoles going???

it might be the mosquito stuff, I don’t really trust any pesticides with amphibians...maybe it’s affecting the toads themselves and making for problem tadpole broods (like DDT with eagles, it made the eggs too thin and the babies were dying from the parents being exposed to it).
If you have fertilizer on the lawn, the rain could also be washing that into the pond...which might be the culprit, or even if your neighbors use fertilizer, runoff from that can still get into your pond sometimes.

Other than that, it could just be the natural process. Frogs/toads lay so many eggs at a time because it is expected that most of them will die of various could be the weak guys just getting weeded out and leaving room for the stronger tapoles to grow and thrive.
Good luck with this batch.

08/22/08  08:14pm


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  Message To: Clawedfrogsrule   In reference to Message Id: 1839770

 Where are my tadpoles going???

I have 2 Koi ponds and every year the toads desend on them and make many many babies. The first time it happend i said yay free food for the fish, but for some reason the fish wont eat the toad poles. they arecrafty lil buggers they hid all over the pond and soem may die off. but the toads here will keep laying all spring into summer. when ever we have raid coming the toads go nuts.
I would worry about the UV unless you gonna put fish in there or you dont want the water green. pond kritters like green water they can hide in it. do stay away from the chems and if you have toads and tads you shouldnt need dunks.

10/28/08  10:27pm


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  Message To: BK79   In reference to Message Id: 1889538

 Where are my tadpoles going???

if it is acid rain it would kill them.

11/25/09  10:50am


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  Message To: Saradiah   In reference to Message Id: 1839454

 Where are my tadpoles going???

You may have a (or some) water scorpion(s). They are predator insects and there are 2 kinds, 1 is leaf shaped and the other is stick shaped.

I found a huge one, stick shaped and body 4 inches long, in my larger pond, about 125 gallons. I usually put my goldfish in the pond for the summer and back in the inside aquarium in the winter. This year I bought more feeder goldfish, to eat the mosquito larvae, and they seemed to be dieing horribly.

Water scorpions have a beak that they use to inject venom into their prey to sedate and then eat it. They eat tadpoles, small fish, mosquito larvae, and other water insects.

07/20/14  04:56pm

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