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I have two swifts, a male and female, the male is fine, the female we think might be impacted. During the recent blizzard it was rough. We were waking up every hour to keep them warm with hot water bottles. They seemed to pull out okay but for the past few days after the power came back on our female has been really lathargic. Her eyes were closed all the time, now she seems to be a bit more alert but she’s not eating. We’ve tried to give her warm baths in the sink in hopes of helping her digestive system but it doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve been trying to make an appointment with the vet but I have yet to recieve an answer. During outage we think she might have ate a scraggler cricket that was still in their tank. What should we do? Is it an impaction?

02/14/13  10:27am


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You’re very smart and experienced to put warm bottles in during power outtages but the cricket isn’t gonna cause impaction unless its too big for her head size but lethargic is a symptom of diseases or infections but did you see her eat substrate?and when did she last defecate(poop)?because no heat lower their immune systems..did you take her outside for some sun and heat a little?

08/31/13  05:42pm

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