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 Sick swift

my emerald swift has a swollen eye with yellowish white stuff coming out of it. i try cleaning its o my swift can open its eye but it always comes back overnight. can someone help me?

09/16/12  02:35pm


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  Message To: Emeraldswifts1999   In reference to Message Id: 2280519

 Sick swift

It’s possible that a foreign object ...substrate is in the eye ...use turtle drops from the pet store to flush daily and get some relief.

Hopefully the item will come out and the healing can begin....if not you are looking at a vet and some medication to fight the infection.

I have heard that prescriptions for pink eye can fight the infection, usually moms with babies have it in the medicine chest ....because infants get pink eye easily.

What type of substrate are you using?? Could that be the cause?? Did it scratch the eye on something in the cage??

09/21/12  02:40pm

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