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 Please help sick emerald swift

My 2 adult emeralds gave birth to 4 babies on christmas day. All 4 have been doing fine, eating well and active, basking and looking really well. I noticed 2 days ago one of the 2 smaller ones was not moving much and yesterday I found her dead. Today I have noticed the smallest one is fine, nice round belly and looks great the same with the largest but the 2nd largest looks ill. She is very thin and lethargic and her face looks a little white. Can anyone advice please? Nothing as changed humidity is same, temp is same and food is the same, I have no idea what has happened

07/08/12  03:29am


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  Message To: Naomi1967   In reference to Message Id: 2272507

 Please help sick emerald swift

They probably got sick,impaction,or diseases are more prone to babies than adults I’m so sorry about your loss

08/31/13  05:50pm

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