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 Will spiny lizards eat hummingbirds?

i have an odd question. can spiny lizards catch a hummingbird? the reason i ask is because we had two hummingbird feeders on a low limb of a big tree. as we were watching the birds, we noticed two texas spiny lizards perched on the branch, one above each birdfeeder. is there any chance a lizard might indeed snatch a hummingbird as it comes and goes. the birds often land in the tree, before or after they come to feed. so i’m afraid that if they’re landing in the tree, it makes them easy prey. if anyone has thoughts on this, i would appreciate hearing back from you.

one of the messages i read on here said that the spiny lizard loves to catch butterflies out of the air, so my guess is that a hummingbird might be fun to a spiny lizard, too!

06/13/09  01:08pm


Jared T
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  Message To: Robotabob   In reference to Message Id: 2021533

 Will spiny lizards eat hummingbirds?

Wow! I’ve never heard of such a thing. If you see it be sure to take pictures!

06/14/09  12:05am


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  Message To: Jared T   In reference to Message Id: 2021874

 Will spiny lizards eat hummingbirds?

could happen I suppose praying mantis do it all the time.

06/25/09  10:50pm

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