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 Odd rose hair behavior

Now I know Rose hairs are known to be a bit strange, but I have some questions and concerns about my rose hairs behavior lately. Lately, she has been laying down a thick layer of Web in the entrance of her hide. Under that thick layer, she left a big pit. She then, flipped over and got under and her stomach proceeded to pulsate? All the while, her fangs were moving nonstop as well. My thought were "maybe she’s molting" even tho her last molt was around 2.5 weeks ago. I then noticed she seemed to have some white liquid coming out from the side of her abdominal area and her legs so I thought maybe she was injured. BUT she hasn’t fallen or been smashed in any way. She then got out from under her web and flipped back over and continued to pat her fangs along the edges of her web layer, and she continues to do so. Her stomach looks of regular size, not engorged at all, so she doesn’t look pregnant either. But she does have me concered. Can someone please explain to me WHAT THE HECK SHE IS DOING??? Thank you.

02/11/17  07:51pm


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 Odd rose hair behavior

It sounds like you may have a mature male rather than a female, reason i say that is because it sounds like your G. Porteri is laying a sperm web.

04/04/17  06:35am

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