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 Feeding question

I just got a rose hair (her name is Penny) who is about 2 years old and am feeding her crickets (she loves em). But am wondering if I should be giving her anything extra? I have a bearded dragon that needs the calcium powder and so I normally just dust those for the beardies.....If i did that for the rose hair would it be OK or would there be negative results?
Any advice would be appreciated

07/10/12  04:45pm


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  Message To: DrawfDragon   In reference to Message Id: 2272813

 Feeding question

Hi, normal crickets are fine, however you should gutload them for at least two days. What I mean is, feed the crickets fruits, veggies and dog and fish foods. And, as a sidenote, remove uneaten insects before they stress the spider.

08/01/12  11:50pm


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  Message To: Sandboaking   In reference to Message Id: 2275256

 Feeding question

Just go to the pet store and buy crickets. Tarantulas do not eat alot so you will not have to buy them often. So no you do not HAVE to gut load the crickets. Buy them, bring them home, toss some in the enclosure, then watch the spider enjoy a meal. Simple enough true.

08/07/12  11:39am

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