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 Salmon pink birdeater

Hello i have made posts about my scorpion here now a question on my spider im picking up this week
I no were the himidity and heat need to be but will a heat lamp do good for him. Thanks in advance .

03/15/12  08:29pm


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  Message To: Critter78   In reference to Message Id: 2258958

 Salmon pink birdeater

For species requiring higher humidity, I don’t recommend using a heat lamp. An undertank heater (UTH) will work just as well without drying the air as much.

04/17/12  06:59pm


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  Message To: EvilTrailMix   In reference to Message Id: 2263174

 Salmon pink birdeater

Extra tip with the undertank heaters, put it on the side of the enclosure and not the bottom. While they are not one to really burrow if given cover they may still dig a little out of it which just puts them closer to to much heat. The female I had was fine at average room temps.

04/21/12  10:37am

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