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 Huge Unidentified Spider

Hello Folks,

I encountered this spider in Australia and afther extensive research on the internet I still haven’t managed to identify this spider.
It came to mind that it might still be a young which could mean that it hasn’t reached it’s final shape/visual appearance yet.

The spider was seen in Kakadu National Park, near Darwin in the Northern part of Australia. (Tropical environment)
It’s body was about 4 cm, with legs about 12 cm.

Any suggestions are welcome. I AM DYING TO IDENTIFY THIS BABY!


03/11/12  10:47am


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 Huge Unidentified Spider

Did some more search today and came across the daddy long legs spider. There was a picture which shows the same distinctive long stretched body with a greyish line over it. The problem is that this spider is about 6mm (female) and the spider on the first picture was about 20 times that size...

Then there’s the granddaddy version which is maybe a big bitter, or maybe just the same??

Would this be a grand grand grand grand grand grand grand daddy long l;egs spider or what?? ;)

03/12/12  02:08am


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  Message To: Philip89   In reference to Message Id: 2258500

 Huge Unidentified Spider

Pfff finally found the !

It turned out to be the Nephila pilipes, family of the better known Golden Orb-Web Spider.
The baby on the first picture is a female which still isn’t fully grown. It will reach a size of 20cm when fully mature and is one of the biggest spiders in the world. Don’t know about it’s toxicity to humans, guess it’s not deadly as it’s so massive and therefore doesn’t need a potent venom.

Thanks for all your help guys....... ;)

Here are some pretty pictures :)

03/12/12  02:24am

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