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CrimsonghostMJ   EvilTrailMix  

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 Serious Curious!

I have a pink toed Tarantula not my first one but shes been the trickiest. Ive had her for 2 years now and shes around 6 ’. well shes coming up on her molt and well shes getting white hairs on her abdomen. The only reason Im curious is because this has never happened. Is it an age thing or cause for concern? An answer would be so much peace of mind.

11/24/11  12:13pm


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  Message To: CrimsonghostMJ   In reference to Message Id: 2245207

 Serious Curious!

I’ve never heard of that happening. Spiders don’t ’go grey’ as they age, and I can’t think of anything that might cause it. Unless it’s not actually hairs, but bits of web stuck to her hairs? That sometimes happened to one of my Pink toes.

12/03/11  06:49pm

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