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 Tarantula Care

I got a aphonopelma hentzi and am needing some care info on it.

08/27/11  05:01pm


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 Tarantula Care

Tarantula Name: Aphonopelma hentzi (Texas Brown)
Expected Adult Size: between 4-5 inches on average
Dwelling: Terrestrial (Ground dwelling)
Feeding: Feed one appropriately sized cricket once to twice a week
Water: Sā€™lings should be misted every other day (side of the enclosure), adults can have an appropriately sized water dish
Lighting: N/A
Temps: Day - 75-80 F Night - 70 F
Humidity: 60-65%
Substrate: Eco-earth or coconut husk are my personal favourites (at least 2 x the size of the body in depth)
Hides/Decor: These guys are a burrowing species, so a small hide would work well, as well as a piece of cork bark for it to burrow under
Temperment: Dependant on the Tarantula, some are aggressive, others tend to be extremely docile. Also note that this is a new world species, and will readily flick hairs

Hope this helps!


09/21/11  05:59pm

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