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 Rose Hair Egg sac question

I just acquired a female Rose hair from my work that had an egg sac, we have her set up she is guarding it and taking care of it nicely, and I tried to research my answers before I came on here with no such luck so I will ask you expert breeders here, once these little guys hatch, when do you start to separate ALL of them into their own areas? I’m also assuming youngins can start off on pinheads also for a food item? I got everything else down I just need to know when to start separating thanks alot!

12/24/10  11:19pm


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  Message To: VenoMiss ViXen   In reference to Message Id: 2194330

 Rose Hair Egg sac question

I’m not an expert breeder, but people don’t seem to get on this forum much any more, so I’ll do my best to answer!

It’s my understanding that you put the eggsac in its own escape-proof container, and when they hatch you let them eat each other and molt a couple times before you separate them. When they first hatch they’re too small for even pinheads, so that’s why you let them eat each other for a while. After that, pinheads or flightless fruitflies if you’ve got access to them.

Good luck!

12/28/10  02:02am

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