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 My versicolor

Ive just brought home my sling, a versicolor named Stweetums.

ive read much about them, doing my research BEFORE purchasing my pet, but i didnt read anything about how to introduce myself.
i want to be able to handle my pet, with care of course, but i dont know how to introduce myself of this very nervous and fast little baby. ive tried just setting my hand near it, and waiting for it to come to me, but its not coming. i know they are naturally nervous, but how can i get sweetie to be comfortable?

any advice?

10/05/10  05:57pm


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 My versicolor

First off tarantulas don’t think or learn. They react by insticnt alone. Also usually handling taratnulas is not good. But if your the type who just absolutely wants to hold the fuzzy new spider then sit on a floor, open the enclosure, gently nudge the little one out with tongs, then try not to fling it across a room when it starts running all over you. Also try not to drop it. Avics are strange and as slings can suffer from S.A.D.S. sudden Avic death syndrom. Good luck with your new versi.

10/06/10  09:17pm


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  Message To: Monitor_guy3113   In reference to Message Id: 2179484

 My versicolor

Avics tend to be a bit flighty, so they can easily bolt and hurt themselves. You have to move slowly and carefully. Your spider can get used to handling. I recommend handling her in an enclosed area sitting on the ground. The empty bathtub with the drain securely sealed works well.

Although many people will tell you that tarantulas can not learn anything, after keeping spiders with my daughter for more than eleven years that does not seem to be the case. When my daughter’s G. rosea had an eggsac she would literally "show off" the sac if my daughter or I were near the tank, but if anyone else approached she would quickly bury the sac. So, she definitely could sense and identify people. She will also quickly climb up into my daughter’s hand, but is more suspicious of a hand she does not recognize. I don’t think we give these little creatures enough credit.

10/08/10  10:15am


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  Message To: Really   In reference to Message Id: 2179743

 My versicolor

thanks really.

I have two adults, locals ive found, and time, i think, has started to help me earn their trust. they have adjusted to seeing me everyday, and arent jump or nervous anymore.

i am still a little worried about holding my baby versi, because of how delicate she is.

ive read a few different places that tarantula’s can adjust to human contact. I am hoping its true. so far from what ive seen it is....

10/28/10  01:03am

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