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 Thinking about starting over. Info please

I’m thinking abut getting a new tarantula. It’s been 2 years sense I owned one and it didn’t last for more than a month but that’s bc I didn’t know anything about them. But I didn’t know about this website at the time either. I need info on some tarantulas so what ever info you can give will help lots. And maybe a pic of a cage so I have an idea what it should look like. Hopefully this time I will have better luck with the next one.

08/04/10  08:45pm


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  Message To: Sorpionlova   In reference to Message Id: 2167174

 Thinking about starting over. Info please

Well, what kind of tarantula do you want? Any specific species in mind? Do you want a handleable one or an aggressive, flashy one? Small, medium, large, or giant? Life span of 10-15 years or 20-30? Some tarantulas are arboreal, others terrestrial, and others burrowing. They all need different cage setups and have different husbandry requirements.

Scott’s tarantulas is a good site to look at to see lots of different kinds of tarantulas. Just do some browsing and see what interests you.

08/08/10  06:20pm

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