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Warbyrd   Tangtang427  

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 Looking for adoption

Hello everyone,

I am looking to adopt YOUR boa,python or "other". I have a great home with plenty of love and care waiting for him/her. I currently have 1.1 F1 Guyana, 0.1 CRB, 1,0 BRB, 1.1 grey banded kingsnake. All of my enclosures are custom made locally. An enclosure is ready in my home for your reptile. I live in SWNYS. Although temps are formidable, I can drive or meet in a reasonable distance. Thank you. Please contact me asap.

01/10/14  08:44am


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  Message To: Warbyrd   In reference to Message Id: 2302955

 Looking for adoption

hi, I have a California king snake which is almost two years old. The color is light yellow combine light purple. We palm to move back to china for several years and the situation can not allow us bring the snake with us. Whether you can take care of this baby? We live in New York. You can email me for pics. .

02/04/14  04:04pm

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