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Bella Norte   Tangtang427  

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Bella Norte
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 Looking to Adopt

Hi! I’ve had snakes all my life. Burmese and Ball Pythons. I had to get rid of my last snake due to a move. She was 11 ft and I was moving into a small apartment and didn’t have room for her. I’m looking to adopt a snake now that I have the room. I have the full set up already so no tanks are needed unless you really want to get rid of it lol. I’m sure I can find a way to put it to use eventually. I live in New Jersey, so I’d prefer something local. I’m not very comfortable with shipping animals of any sort; even short distances. If anyone knows of a snake free to a good home please let me know. Preferably a ball python. Thanks in advance.

09/28/13  11:07pm


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  Message To: Bella Norte   In reference to Message Id: 2301404

 Looking to Adopt

hi, I have a California king snake which is almost two years old. The color is light yellow combine light purple. We palm to move back to china for several years and the situation can not allow us bring the snake with us. Whether you can take care of this baby? We live in New York. You can email me for pics. .

02/04/14  04:05pm

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