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 I am looking for a snake

i am looking for a good snake to start with.

03/13/12  05:26pm


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  Message To: Nightwolf87   In reference to Message Id: 2258683

 I am looking for a snake

alot of people will say ball pythons and they are great but they require humidity as high as 65% and it can be hard to maintain. some people keep them in fish tanks and i dont understand how they can get the proper humidity with an open top. if you do choose a ball python please make sure you have a good enclosure.

an awesome starter snake in my opinion is a black milk snake. reasons are that they dont have such high humidity requirements so you can have them in a fish tank with no problem. they dont need an extra heat source as long as the room temp is 70-80 they are great, they dont get huge but they are one of the biggest milks topping out around 5 foot. and the coolest part is they change colors, they start banded red white and black and as they get older the black spreads and takes over until they are a solid black snake very cool to watch!

there is literally thousands of snakes out there find one you like and can afford to buy with proper housing then reaserch the species making sure you can handle it as a baby and as an adult. then get your tank setup well before the animal arrives so it is perfect for it when it gets there, the less stress on the snake the better.
this guy is one of my favorites but i dont know if id recommend them for a first snake. he is an everglades rat snake the reason i wouldnt recommend is they are aggressive, but i knew that and took on the challenge and with daily handling he is now the nicest snake i own but i got bit everyday for 8 months to get him here, good thing i got him very young and the bites didnt hurt. not a good way to introduce yourself to the hobby!

he can be my recomendation for your second snake, once you get one you will love it and want another!
take your time finding what you want and good luck

03/16/12  06:54pm


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  Message To: Xkabx   In reference to Message Id: 2259080

 I am looking for a snake

Corn Snakes are cool, and so are King Snakes. Both of which are considered beginner snakes.

Also, if you’re an experienced reptile-keeper you could try a Western Hognose Snake they only need a ten gallon tank but they’re not exactly active, if you want something active look up the Cape Gopher Snake those are really active but do need I think up to a 30 gallon cage.

Good luck.


03/16/12  07:24pm

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