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 Ball python MA

Healthy normal ball.Close to 4ft and about 4-5years old. (Not sure of sex) my guess is male,but i could be wrong. Eats regularly(frozen/ thawed small rats every 7-10 days).

I really just want this snake to be placed in a good home were he/she can get the care it deserves.

08/09/11  06:21pm


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  Message To: Chrisxp   In reference to Message Id: 2232343

 Ball python MA

Hey um idk if u can read my bio but I wud be a loving and caring owner for that snake um iv had one snake but my mom gave it away cus I went to mexico but I’m back and I noticed it was gone so I was like ok so I got a cage with a nice home a good sized tank around 9 ft long and. Plz contact me or something thank u and my fav animal r snakes I find them amazing beautiful animals and I wud be so happy if u can help me out

08/17/11  02:56am

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