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 Baby Yellow Anacondas

I have 10 baby Yellow Anacondas for sale. These are captive bred snakes from my male and female yellow anacondas. Both adults are great feeders and have never had aggression issues. My female yellow gave birth to a clutch of 16 babies on June 25th 2011, with no still births or unfertile eggs and every snake holding strong. These babies are a bit snappy but when taken out they seem to calm down (with a few exceptions). The last handful is coming up of their first shed and I am giving them all their first feedings this weekend. I am asking $150 each +shipping. If you live in the San Diego or LA area we could discuss meeting to avoid the shipping.

Thank you,

07/06/11  01:49pm


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 Baby Yellow Anacondas

Hey I was wondering how much would it cost to ship to colorado? And also how large are they now as babys ?

07/16/11  11:49am

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