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Chorusfrog   Eris  

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 Pet shrew??

My cat brought home a little shrew, and I though it was dead but it was alive. It is slightly wounded but I think he’ll live... is it okay to keep it as a pet? I have an enclosure and stuff but idk what to do with it... lmao he’s cute and sweet, and he likes mealworms 😅

03/09/17  03:29pm


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  Message To: Chorusfrog   In reference to Message Id: 2320420

 Pet shrew??

I’m not sure how they would fare as a long term pet, being wild and all, but its not a bad idea to house him while he is recovering, since he is eating. Seems there is some info out there on keeping them as pets though....

My cat caught a vole a while ago, with a much different outcome :/

Keep us posted on the little guy!

03/10/17  07:57am

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