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 Need help!

i found out a few days ago that my holland lop bunny is blind in one eye. she had a black dot in her eye when i got her but didnt think much of it a few months later it was just half of her eye now its her whole eye. (actual eyeball btw) i called my pet store that im thinking about going to work at and the owner told me she was blind in that eye. she is only almost 8 months old i need to know if i caused it to get worse somehow or if she was just born with it and it continued to cover her eye. i am keeping a close eye on her other one that doesnt have any black(besides her pupil of course) and making sure it doesnt start going into that eye. so far it hasnt. please answer me as soon as possible .. im worried i somehow caused it to get worse to cover her whole eye
taylor and houdini -(the bunny)

11/01/12  05:38pm

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