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Twigitha   Silver Mist  

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 Stubborn bunny

My rAbbit snow is eating his litter which is cardbored and I can’t get him to stop. I’ve put hey in with him and he gets plenty of pellets and fruits and veggies however he doesn’t eat much of the hey. I have no idea what to do about his cardbored fetish and if someone could give me some help I would be super greatfull:)

08/31/12  08:19pm


Silver Mist
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  Message To: Twigitha   In reference to Message Id: 2278575

 Stubborn bunny

Hi I own two dwarf bunnies, and I have had them for 5+ years now, so I know what I am talking about for the record. Bunnies will eat anything regardless on what it is, because they file down their teeth for eating. So it sounds like snow is just trying to file down its teeth. For my bunnies, I like to put some sticks, or maybe even a small piece of firewood in there for them to chew on. Put a stick up to his mouth, and he should chew on it. Also, I would get rid of the cardboard. I use shavings or hay, whatever is more convenient. Get like a tin pan, and fill it up with one of those. It is easy, and clean, and when you need to change it, you can just dump it out. Hope this helps. :)

09/27/12  03:46pm

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