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Larstpoint   The Lone Glider  

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 Questions on my DJ Hamster

I have a few questions on what if I should give some stuff.
My first question is what type of food should I be giving him? Would common Walmart hamster food be alright or should i be giving him some other type of food?
My second question is what type of chew sticks should I be giving him? Will used up paper towel rolls be fine or should I give him one of the kind that has the food bunched together?
My third question is the type of wood chip bedding perfect for my hamster or should I use something else?

06/11/12  08:28pm


The Lone Glider
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  Message To: Larstpoint   In reference to Message Id: 2269694

 Questions on my DJ Hamster

Hello! I had some a few years ago, and I always did the walmart stuff aswell as I would give them different things that they liked. Like fresh foods. I use all kinds of chews, wood sticks, food sticks, paper towel rolls work fine too. give a verity. Carefesh seems to be the best. That or I use to use Aspen that I could get for dirt cheap at a home depot. Just a variety. They seem to like that.:)

P.S...... Sorry for the late post... But I hope this helps!!!!

10/03/12  05:54pm

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