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 Breeding License to Sell to Stores???

Do you need special breeding Licenses for certain species in order to sell pets to Pet Stores such as PetSmart, or PETCO? IF there are certain animals you do not need a license for can you please name them???
"OH!" And how do you get a certain species Breeding License?
Is there an age limit to get a license?...
Do you have to go to College to get the license???


09/24/11  06:30am


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  Message To: Seabee1998   In reference to Message Id: 2238013

 Breeding License to Sell to Stores???

The only license I know you need is one from the USDA and they can come and check out your facilities as they decide throughout the year. I’m sure you have to be over 18 to gain membership but you don’t need college.

Generally speaking though breeding to sell to pet stores is rather unscrupulous as you’ll never know if you are breeding healthy animals or where they are going so you can’t keep track of your lines which means your animals won’t have pedigrees. The USDA requires that you prove your animals are healthy so without that kind of paperwork you’re kind of stuck.

You have 0 control over what happens to the animals after they go to the shop and even though you can breed a rat if you sell it to the shop odds are you’ll only get a few cents per rat and even then if you meant the rat to be a pet it can be sold as a feeder. They also already deal with their own suppliers so getting a foot in the door is pretty much impossible.

I myself have not done this as I find it unscrupulous and I don’t support pet shop animal sales other than adoptions. 9 times out of 10 the people I have personally met who sell to pet stores are cruel to their animals and only view them as a way to make money so they over breed, over crowd and limit their food to turn a profit.

You can breed animals and not sell to a pet store but that requires a lot of work and effort. You need to purchase your animals from a quality breeder, they need to see vets, have high quality food, etc. I breed rats. January was my first year anniversary of my rattery but I had been studying for years prior to getting and breeding my first rats. You have to be prepared for everything before you even get the animals and you have to research the breeders you get the animals from.

The other thing you have to consider is the zoning where you live. Breeding rabbits in some areas would mark you as a farm so if you’re in the city you could have your animals taken.

Rabbit bonding, I have been told, is particularly hard as well and even with rats you could end up with a female ripping the testicles off a male if she doesn’t want to breed with him. Mothers can die in pregnancy or after and babies do die. You should do in depth research on all the animals you want to breed and then choose which you would prefer after checking everything out. The lives of the animals you breed will be in your hands so you shouldn’t let others decide what you should or shouldn’t breed.

09/24/11  07:17pm


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  Message To: KaleidoRats   In reference to Message Id: 2238075

 Breeding License to Sell to Stores???

Okay, thank you VERY much!!! I am not quite 18 but do you know of any ways to get rid of the animals, knowing they are in good hands, if the people in your town or something don’t want them? I think I’m just NOT gonna sell to pet stores....

I’ll be honest, I do need the money, but at the same time I care about the animals VERY much and I don’t know what else to do!!! Should I do a ALL ANIMAL Walking thing just for the people that live on my base (I live on a Naval Base)? How often do you think people would want there animals to be walked?

...You know what...I think I’m gonna skip on the whole breeding thing and wait till I have my doctorate!!! I’m just going to babysit and dog walk....

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for telling me all that!!! It really helped me, REALLY!!!!!

Plus, there are sooooooo many animals and such in shelters and what not... do you think there is a way I could volunteer at a shelter at the age of... 13 (I know 13 is quite young to be thinking about breeding, but I wasn’t planning to start any time soon, maybe a 3-4 years. I know I’m not ready!). Anyway, do shelters normally walk there animals? Should I volunteer to walk animals at a shelter? It would look good on my resume. :)

Do you think I should do those? Do you think I am even ready for those???

I am sorry I am talking like you know me... but from SO FAR what you know about me by what I type, do you think I am ready for ANYTHING???

My mom says that I need to hold back a while and enjoy being a kid, but what is there to enjoy? The teachers are NON-Stop talking about us all getting a GREAT education, they have it stuck in our heads that we are going to practically DIE if we don’t go to college... but now here I am FRANTICALLY looking for FUN ways to make money and save up for college and get Scholarships and stuff... do you think that is healthy?

...I’m sorry again, I type/write what I am thinking (maybe I’ll write a book about this kind of stuff some day from experience!) and I’m really confused!.. oh gosh ... ummmmm ... I’m talking to you like you are a therapist or something... you don’t have to answer those questions if you don’t want to, or know how to... just the animal related ones... but it would be cool if you did answer the extra questions for me, it would be good to get someone elses opinion on something, other than from my mom and dad.... :

Sorry Again!!!!!!! :/

Thanx! :)

09/25/11  06:17am


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  Message To: Seabee1998   In reference to Message Id: 2238112

 Breeding License to Sell to Stores???

The fact that you use the phrase "get rid of the animals" tells me you shouldn’t be anywhere around breeding them. You should also know that breeding never turns a profit. If there is one it’s very minor. I have spent well over $7,000 (probably a lot more once you include all the feeding costs) in breeding my rats but I’ve only made back $30 so far. One of my adopters gave me two giant cages so naturally I didn’t charge her a penny. I even told her that any time she ever wants rats again she can get them for free from me because she was just all around awesome.

Also with living on a naval base you wouldn’t be allowed to breed anyway. My boyfriend lives on a base and the people around him only keep fish and birds. Larger animals are generally not allowed and even when they are they move from station to station too often and are away too long to feel they can properly take care of them. Now being 13 you would have more time but you shouldn’t just be cleaning cages all the time. If you had to move what would you do with all the animals? If you had to move to a different country that didn’t allow them what then?

I think it’s a very good idea to wait until after you finish college to try this venture again if you ever do and I also agree with your mom that you should be enjoying your childhood. When I was your age I lived in an abusive household with a mother who was always letting our stepfather do whatever he pleased with us and she would blame us later when he did. I had to take care of my younger brother and I had to get top grades in class or else I was severely punished. I was never good at math so report card time was always a day of dread for me. I admit I get sulky and jealous when I see kids who are getting to play and have fun. Now that I’m an adult I can have fun as I please and my boyfriend doesn’t mind my doll and stuffed animal collection but I have to focus on work a lot more too. You should enjoy your childhood to the fullest while you can.

When I was 12 I was volunteering at local animal shelters but I don’t know if they’ve changed policies. I know some places won’t allow you to work around animals even as a volunteer if you’re under 16 because their insurance doesn’t cover it. You’d have to ask around but there are always cages to be cleaned and animals need exercise.

Dog walking would also be good I think. You should ask your neighbors if they ever need someone to walk or play with their dogs. Older folks are usually the best to ask and usually appreciate the help. I wouldn’t charge a lot though. I think most people who do that as a job around me charge $10-15 for a half hour of walking and playing with the dog. I would charge between $5-10 since you wouldn’t have the insurance costs they have to pay and are only looking for some minor after school work and pocket money.

I wouldn’t try babysitting just yet. That’s actually a very hard job that requires a lot out of the sitter and you’ll have a ton of responsibility. It was a job I personally hated because anything the kid did bad I was blamed for and wasn’t allowed to put the kid in a time out or anything. I’ve known others who loved it but I think you should wait a few years since most want to hire older teens to watch their kids.

09/25/11  05:32pm


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  Message To: KaleidoRats   In reference to Message Id: 2238155

 Breeding License to Sell to Stores???

Thank you that helps a lot!!! :)

But i absolutley love kids an people are already asking me to babysit their kids, so I think I might do that, and if I don’t like it, then I will probably stop or slow down.... I once babysat a set of twins and they were beging their parents to leave just so I could watch them... LOL!

I have decided acouple days ago that I don’t really need that much money, so I am gonna charge $5 A walk PER dog. I made a few fliers, I evengot my 7 year old sister to help me!!! She Wrote "My sister will walk your dogs!" LOL sheis soooooo cute!!! :)

I think I’ll E-mail the Shelters or call or something, and see what they need help with.

Ya, right now we have 2 medium dogs, a betta, 4 toads, and 1 turtle in the house right now and we haven’t gotten yelled at yet... but all the bases that I have lived on the only count the pets that don’t live in cages.... But I know not all bases are like that....

I didn’t really mean "get rid of them" that way, but the whole point in breeding is for the FUN and to provide good owners with great new pets, members of the family. But I do agree, I think I am going to hold off on breeding til I go to college then maybe even a few years after that.... :)

I am truly sorry for your childhood!!! I have a few friends that are going through similar times and I can’t do anything about it because I am nolonger in the same state as them, but there’s always Facebook...Skype...etc.... And Mymom went through similar things too, and I was caught up in it all a bit too (my mom was 16 when I was born), so now I am being cautious of everyone I walk by.

Anyway, Thanx again!!!!! :)

10/01/11  10:57am


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  Message To: Seabee1998   In reference to Message Id: 2238820

 Breeding License to Sell to Stores???

Sounds good and good luck with it!

I do want to say that while breeding can be fun you should not breed for fun. It’s not something like playing a video game. I nearly quit because the stress of the work and dealing with some threatening people made me rather sick. Recently I lost a litter when a mom couldn’t produce milk and I didn’t have another girl that was nursing. I couldn’t properly nurse them all myself. It was very sad. Other than that you can expect to pay an arm and a leg in vet bills and it takes me roughly 6 hours to clean my rat room when I do a full clean and 4 hours is devoted to just cleaning cages so you’d have to take that into consideration as well.

If you screw up even once it can make or break you as a breeder. My very first litter was from a mom with blaze markings and a dad who was a berkshire. Both were rats that I received from my mentor. My mentor she told me this was a very good pair to start out with. However, when I advertised the babies and other breeders and rescues saw the blazes I got slammed with hate mail and no other breeders would work with me despite all the babies being completely healthy (I still have 3 of them and 4 babies from them).

A blaze is considered a high white rat and high white rats have a higher chance of producing a megacolon litter. Megacolon is a condition where the rat cannot poop and will die before it is even 8 weeks old in most cases. Often the mother will absorb a bad litter or will kill the babies that are sick but if a baby shows signs of it you’d have to take it into the vet where you might be able to try treatments which would prolong it’s life but it would still only live maybe a year in the most common cases or you’d put the rat down. That’s not even the worst thing that can come up if you don’t breed carefully. So if you think you want to try breeding study and memorize everything you can about the animal you want to breed.

Never breed more animals than you can keep. If you can’t find homes for them you will have to keep them. You can’t just dump them off on a pet store because then how would you keep track of lines and make sure your animals go to people who will love and take care of them? You wouldn’t want one of your babies to become snake chow unless you meant it to be right?

10/01/11  08:28pm


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  Message To: KaleidoRats   In reference to Message Id: 2238891

 Breeding License to Sell to Stores???

I very much agree! :)

You have taught me a lot!!!

I will put all that you have told me into cosideration!

Can I see a few pix of your rats??? :)

10/02/11  02:56pm


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  Message To: Seabee1998   In reference to Message Id: 2238990

 Breeding License to Sell to Stores???

I have a few posts toward the top of the thread list with photos of a couple of my rats :3

10/02/11  07:21pm


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  Message To: Seabee1998   In reference to Message Id: 2238013

 Breeding License to Sell to Stores???

Check with ur environment been breeding mice for 4 months and got 5 big store buying from me they was getting taxed laws n different states of course u gon care about what happen to ur investment (snakes n mice r mine) but b serious main purpose for mice is to b food and as far as value mice sale for half of the price that place sales in Louisville where I reside I sale my f for 1.65 m for 1.45 nd they sale for 2.50 hey why trip about half all u do is take care weanling and rest of life easy money for basically no wrk and they call me at most 3 times a week trying buy good luck n ur choice.

05/07/12  08:52pm

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