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Seabee1998   Weaverc12  

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 What Should I Breed?

So I need Y’all’s help on what I am going to start breeding:
*Guinea Pigs
I have studied the main things I need to know(MAX. Amount of litters in life, # of babies in each litter, price$, etc.), but as soon as I know what I’ll start breeding, I’ll go DEEP into study mode!!! :) So what do y’all think? Reasons?


09/24/11  06:21am


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  Message To: Seabee1998   In reference to Message Id: 2238012

 What Should I Breed?

Im not sure, but what is the reason for you wanting to breed especially since it seems like you dont know much about breeding. i may be wrong but i am only human and i assume it is for recreational purposes.

11/27/11  12:35pm

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