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 Very sick hamster! Pls help!

Hi everyone, hopefully someone can help me!
My hamster is about 2 years old and her name is Lexi. She has always been so friendly and energetic and this week I noticed she hasnt ate or drink hardly at all. She is wobbling around her cage and one of her eyes wont open, her body feels very hard as well, which could be impaction, but she has not ate anything? she is very unstable and often falls over and just shakes, it is heartbreaking to watch.
Does anyone know what this is? or is it just her time :(
thankyou to anyone who can help, this is my baby :(

07/26/11  10:28pm


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 Very sick hamster! Pls help!

maybe she had a stroke and is having seizures i do not know im not an expert oh and i think it might be her time as she is 2 years old

take her to a vet

07/29/11  07:40pm

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