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 About fancy rats

i’m looking into getting two male Fancy Rats. and i was curious if any of you have experience with fancy rats? and if u have pics i’d love to see them :)

05/18/11  12:00pm


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 About fancy rats

I actually HAD two female fancy rats. One has died of a stomach tumor. (Khloe ) The other rat, Sophie, is now slightly over 3 years old and about 90 in rat years. I feed them lab blocks, and they used to have a huge wheel. Now Sophie just sleeps on it, so I take it out. Feel free to ask any questions by sending a private message. Her are some random tips:

Never put clothes next to the cage- my rats pulled my favorite shirt and shorts in and chewed them up.

Try to handle them a lot. Bet you’ve heard THAT one before.

My rat actually licks me. With her tongue. So beware!

Male rats can’t drink orange juice or oranges. It destroys a chemical they make. (but female rats can)

05/18/11  08:52pm

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