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 Anyone have a degu??

I work at an exotic animal sanctuary, and over a month ago one of our degus had a litter of 8 babies...killed half of them..which left me with about 5 injured/in bad shape baby degus...fortunately one of them made it..hes a healthy little guy..weaned and happy as can be. I was just wondering if anyone has a degu and if they can share their experiences with me :)

05/08/11  06:40pm


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  Message To: Dyzired   In reference to Message Id: 2218055

 Anyone have a degu??

Was just wondering if you paired up the baby with another? Degus have to live in pairs just like rats or female mice. :P

I’m sorry that most of them didn’t make it. :/

05/15/11  12:12pm

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