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 Do Blue Tailed Skinks absolutely NEED Heat Light/UVB?

I just caught a Blue Tailed Skink in my backyard, I own 30 Tarantulas and Scorpions, I also own Hermit Crabs and Snakes but I’m new to Skinks. Im most likely going to let him go and get myself a Captive bred one, but for now I want to at least set up a tank. I have a head pad and everything, but I keep reading that they MUST have a heat light or UVB light. My room has 12 hour light and dark cycle going on in it. I’d rather just have a heat pad, because it’s so much easier to me. I was always told Ball Pythons NEEDED light and UVB, but I just recently learned they only need belly heat, so it’s hard to figure out the actual TRUTH on what these creatures need. All my life owning Pythons I was told they needed so much but ended up not really needing all these lights to survive. Anyways, would a Skink be okay with belly heat only? Along with the light cycle going on in my room? Any help would be appreciated!

08/14/17  06:34pm

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