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Cini   Craigafrechette  

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 Fire skinks lighting and heating equipment?

Hello everyone!

I’m just about to have a fire skink couple, and I’m starting to install the terrarium. I would like to ask for recommendations according to the lighting and heating.

I will have a 90x40x40 cm terrarium of wood for the couple.
For substrate I thought some ExoTerra soil with coco fiber mixed with moss, and some orchid bark.
I want to put a bromelia inside, because as I read, they are very hardy so they won’t die because of the constant burrowing of the skinks. And I will place some rocks and logs, maybe driftwood inside.

But I’m in trouble with the lighting and heating. Could you please recommend what bulbs I should use? Or just write your opinions, what you people use, that would be a huge help too. And what do you think, should I have an undertank heater or not?

Thank you for the help in advance!

12/20/16  05:06am


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  Message To: Cini   In reference to Message Id: 2320016

 Fire skinks lighting and heating equipment?

I think a 100 watt daytime and a 100 watt nighttime bulb will do the trick in addition to the UTH (on a thermostat, VERY important especially with species that like to burrow like fire skinks). There will be some variables like ambient temp in the room your skinks will be in, etc... If your room is warm, a 75 watt day and 50 watt night might be fine. You can also use a thermostat on your lights to help get your temps really dialed in.

03/21/17  04:07am

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