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 Fire skinks lighting and heating equipment?

Hello everyone!

I’m just about to have a fire skink couple, and I’m starting to install the terrarium. I would like to ask for recommendations according to the lighting and heating.

I will have a 90x40x40 cm terrarium of wood for the couple.
For substrate I thought some ExoTerra soil with coco fiber mixed with moss, and some orchid bark.
I want to put a bromelia inside, because as I read, they are very hardy so they won’t die because of the constant burrowing of the skinks. And I will place some rocks and logs, maybe driftwood inside.

But I’m in trouble with the lighting and heating. Could you please recommend what bulbs I should use? Or just write your opinions, what you people use, that would be a huge help too. And what do you think, should I have an undertank heater or not?

Thank you for the help in advance!

12/20/16  05:06am

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