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 Fire Skink Cohabitation & Breeding

I have just recently acquired a male Fire Skink. It was my intention to get a male and female to cohabitate in a 50 gallon 3ft-long tank, but the female was taken before I was able to get her. The male is currently residing in a 15 gallon until I finish moving, but I still have the very large tank I intended to use for both of them. I am still considering getting another female, and possibly looking into breeding them in the future.

However, I want to be safe above all else, and I’m especially concerned about the future little lady becoming egg-bound. From what I understand, if they are comfortable and well nourished, the primary concern would be her being too young.

Is there anyone out there with experience who can tell me if there are any general rules for guessing the age of a skink, and how old would be the best age to let them breed? In addition, if I get her younger than I’d like to breed her, is there a way to prevent the two from breeding while still sharing the same tank without stressing them out or hurting either of them? I’m more than willing to keep them separated until the female is mature enough to be safe if need be, but I was wondering if there was an easier way.

07/21/15  08:44pm


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 Fire Skink Cohabitation & Breeding

My experience over the years with Chinese water dragons ...Bearded Dragons...Iguanas..Blue tongue skinks...and snakes of various species tell me you need to separate them.

If you co-habitate they will breed constantly and the female will never get her strength back from the egg laying process. And she will suffer often dying prematurely.

If you keep them separated and deliberately allow them to mate 1x per year you will have better offspring and greater chances of a successful hatch. And just for your information, females can and will store sperm and have double clutches on occasion.

If you use the large enclosure as you mentioned even with a divider inside the male will be quite driven hormonally and attempt endlessly to get to her if he can see her or smell her pheromones.

Anyway with all things said it is best to practice prudent and time honored breeding methods that allow the adults to thrive and give the young the best chances of survival.

I am sure that a skinks age is quite difficult to tell because they are much smaller than what I am used to. So raising them for a year or more would be a safe way to determine age or maturity.

Egg binding ... this issue is not determined completely by the care we give them. The female will be a good breeder ...or she will have complications. If egg binding occurs there is little we can do. Usually egg binding happens with poor diet ...or stressful conditions ...or simply she does not deem it a safe environment to lay in. Thus the factoring in of the male. Or simply physiological issues.

Best of luck... and keep researching, as I indicated I am not an expert with these little guys.

07/25/15  10:58am

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