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 Found Injured Blue-Tailed Skink?

I found a blue-tailed skink that couldn’t move very fast, was just sliding along. Normally they’re too fast for me to pick up, but this one I think has problems with its front legs. I have him/her in a potted plant now, with a bottle capful of water, until I can get a tank. I would like to keep this lizard, I’m getting a 10 gallon tank and planning on putting in lots of substrate, lights, etc making sure this is comfortable for the lizard. Not planning on handling the lizard a lot because I don’t want it to stress. is there anything else I can do to make sure s/he is healing? Can a lizard’s legs heal if there’s something wrong with them? Thanks for your help!

04/15/15  08:14am


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 Found Injured Blue-Tailed Skink?

Awwww wow... you found him ?? where They are not native to USA he must have been an escaped pet.

yes they are remarkable healers... keep temps warm (80 cool 85-90 hot) and feed cooked egg and cooked chicken breast...some grapes for a treat any fruit he likes really

Get a hide box ... or a dry old hand towel. Check their toes and tail tip for stuck shed...soak and remove if needed.

I have a Bluey she is so much a part of the family they like to get out and explore and be handled... audio and visual is a key ingredient for them...

Hope it recovers ... holler back

04/30/15  06:34pm

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