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 Lizards not eating. please help

One is an almost 2 year old male berber skink. He hasn’t accepted and eaten any crickets or superworms for about 3 weeks now. He’s not thin and seems otherwise healthy.
He’s probably fine but that just seems like a long time for an animal that small to go without eating anything.

The other is a 2year 3 month old male northwestern alligator lizard. I’m not quite sure when he stopped eating because his brother and a long tailed grass lizard live with him. I haven’t seen him eat for about 3 weeks as well. He is really thin. His healthy brother is round like a sausage with lots of muscle, but this guy is thinner allover, I can feel the edge of his ribs with no pressure. This is the larger longer brother(allways has been) but now the shorter brother is noticeably heavyer than his sick thin big brother.
This pair lost their other siblings and mother earlier this year. The siblings too genetic jaw malformations that got infected and no one i took them too was able to treat. I don’t know how old the mother was, I’m assuming older by her large size and low energy level.she got tumors and died a couple weeks after the first one showed up.
Considering that the 2 lizards living with the skinny guy are fine I don’t think its infectious, I’m leaning more towards it being something inside being malformed or shutingdown. He was the only completely normal looking baby.

I’m wondering if the vitamin boosting supplement food from pet smart is a good idea to try. Or should I try hornworms? Or any other ideas? I know my Allie might not make it, but I want to try. The skink has a good chance.also the reason that iv been neglecting to watch my lizards closely this last moth is because my old dog fell on the stairs and didn’t recover, he had to be put down and then iv been depressed because if it and working lots.

Any suggestions are welcome.

11/23/14  03:00am

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