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Marie_Anette   Baja  

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 Taming an older skink?????

Ok so after weeks of researching and keeping my eye on the only fire skinkI could find I got my new fire skink Floyd!(: I was so happy (: but I realized that he wasn’t all that young and probably wild caught. Of course I don’t care, I fell in love with him the minute I brought him home so of course I won’t return him. He’s been sleeping for the past few days but I know they are shy and need to adjust but I am planning on waiting for a week or two before handling him. But I want to know the best way to tame him. I am confident I can, but I’m also starting to get worried cause he hasn’t eaten bit I’m going to put red wigglers to see if he does for them. Press I’d rely like to know how to tame my him.

08/10/14  02:44am


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 Taming an older skink?????

Just feed him crickets. That’s the best diet for most insectivores such as a fire skink. Since he is an adult W/C it will be a lot harder to tame him than captive bred animals. Just hold him for 10 minutes per day so he gets used to you.

08/18/14  09:31pm

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