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AprilJo   Rexxaroo  

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 Sick sandfish skink

I have sandfish skink that is almost 7 years old. He has been sluggish recently but he has shed so I thought he was not sick. I put about 6 to 8 crickets in his cage over christmas. Today I noticed his tail was cracked open and dried up It looks nasty. I put some antibiotic ointment on it.recently I have not been dusting his food with calcium and and using the uva light daily. I don"t think he ate any of the crickets most of them were dead in the cage. One was alive it crawled over him and he did not move. I removed it from the cage. Should I try to force feed him mealworms? I wonder if his condition is due to lack of calcium ? Could it be old age? Could it be intestinal? What can I do to help him?

12/31/13  10:22am


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 Sick sandfish skink

Hopefully I’m not getting here too late..

Ok, you will want to make a vet appointment to get that tail checked out. That could get infected really quick :(
Could he be dehydrated possibly? Try and give him a very shallow soak in lukewarm water, that way he gets at least a little water.
I would not force feed mealworms, I would try chicken baby food and mashed earthworms. Blend it together and mix in a little calcium powder with some water. Syringe feed slowly and gently, that way he doesn’t choke or doesn’t go into the lumgs.
You should be able to buy syringes at any pharmacy or even the pet store. Sometimes they will give you a few free ones.

Raise his temps slightly and make sure he is getting ample UVB. Hope some of this helps. Sorry for such a late reply :(
good luck!


02/03/14  11:42pm

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