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 Fire skinks

how hard is it to care for them

07/21/13  12:37pm


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  Message To: Kelckmdo   In reference to Message Id: 2299784

 Fire skinks

The temperature:85-90(warm side)&75-78(cool side)
The lightning:12 hours of uvb light on 12 hours of it off
The substrate:coconut fiber,aspen,sand needing,but I would prefer report carpet or towel to prevent impaction
*they live in moist forest areas so keep the humidity a little high
Diet:cooked meat,scramble eggs,variety of insects no fireflies,fruits,veggies,pinkies,other smaller lizards or skinks
Water:keep a big enough bowl so it can soak in but at the same time not drown
Hiding:place at least two hides in the cage like bark or something else
Cleaning:clean once a clean when poop is sighted
Supplement:dust supplement once or twice a week
Heating:heating lamp or under tank heating mat
*get at least on or two branches for basking and exercise....hope I helped it sounds pretty easy to me!!!

07/28/13  11:37am

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