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 Advice on rescuing skink?

Hey all!
I don’t usually post in this forum as I have an iguana... but the other day I came across a situation and would like some advice!

I live in Los Angeles. A friend knew I love reptiles and sent me a picture of what he thought was just a ’cool lizard’ in his backyard. I immediately recognized it as a blue-tongued skink as I love the little guys and was really close to getting one at one point.

The skink was missing most of his tail. I immediately said "that’s not a wild animal that’s a skink native to Australia.. he’s a pet! Rescue him’

However my friend and his landlord say that the skink has been living in their yard for years.

So my question is- do I intervene and rescue the guy? He’s missing his tail so obviously he’s encountering some problems... but if he’s happy and has been living in the yard for years.. is that kind of like he’s living in the wild? I don’t want to tear him away from what he’s used to if he’s perfectly happy.

thoughts? thanks so much you guys!

03/19/13  05:39pm


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  Message To: KimDragon86   In reference to Message Id: 2294030

 Advice on rescuing skink?

id say yes! first of all, the animal is in OBVIOUS need of rescueing. any animal not native to the area should not be out in the wild. second, it also isnt safe for the animal and other animals around it. The skink would most likely love it better in captivity because most skinks love and strive for attention. also it is just safer for him/her. so i think it would be awesome to rescue him.her. it would be an awesome expierience for you and also better for the skink.

03/22/13  03:48pm


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  Message To: Leoleoleolvr   In reference to Message Id: 2294137

 Advice on rescuing skink?

Save it and give it some food,then maybe take it too the veto help with that missing tail, then dust the food you are giving it with calcium dust, it’ll help a lot

04/17/13  08:56pm


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  Message To: Schreechies   In reference to Message Id: 2295822

 Advice on rescuing skink?

I’d save it

06/26/14  07:43am

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