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UroFreak13   Grumpy bum  

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 New bts

Hey, so I just got myself a baby blue , he’s only like 3-4 months and I was wondering around how long does it take a new one to get accustome to a new tank

02/13/13  08:49am


Grumpy bum
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  Message To: UroFreak13   In reference to Message Id: 2291955

 New bts

Hi UroFreak13,
Time to settle in a new enclosure can vary
from 1 week to longer.
It all depends on the skink.
I have 1 that settled in straight away, ate as soon
as food was put down. I have another that I didn’t
see for a few weeks, as it buried it self in the substrate.
I hope this helps.

02/26/13  04:26pm

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